Spanish Rice
Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Recipe, Vegan, Vegetarian -
Spanish Rice

We eat a lot of rice in our house. I started making this dish after watching my mother-in-law make it several times. Her Spanish rice is amazing and it is...

cowboy caviar
Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Recipe, Vegan, Vegetarian -
Cowboy Caviar

I discovered Cowboy Caviar at our annual fishing derby. Someone had brought it as a dish to pass and I was instantly intrigued. I had never heard of it before,...

irish soda bread
Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Recipe, Vegetarian -
Irish Soda Bread

There is something wonderful about Irish Soda Bread. Like so many other quick breads, it has just a touch of sweetness, is easy to make and delicious right out of...

whoopie pies
Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Recipe, Vegetarian -
Whoopie Pies

Whoopie Pies. You can't help but smile when you say it. Whoopie Pies are a fun dessert for any day but we chose to make them for our family St....

shamrock cupcakes
Dairy Free, Recipe -
Shamrock Cupcakes

Many people love to celebrate St. Patrick's Day with a parade and a lot of green beer, but in my home, it is a family holiday. We celebrate with the...

corned beef hash
Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Recipe -
Corned Beef Hash and Eggs

One of the best things about making corned beef and cabbage, is the leftovers. I love making corned beef hash and eggs. It is one of my favorite meals of...

Corned Beef and Cabbage
Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Recipe -
Corned Beef and Cabbage

The smell of corned beef and cabbage is one of my favorite smells. Of course, it reminds me of St. Patrick's Day, but also of Grandma's winter Sunday dinners. My...

fish en papillote
Dairy Free, Gluten Free -
Fish en Papillote

Fish en Papillote is a simple and tasty dish that is quick to make for any busy weeknight. I really enjoy having fish for dinner, but was never eager to...

App Updates -
Using the Product Page to Now Find Foods for a Healthier You!

The Now Find Family of Apps was developed to help you find the products that are right for you at your local grocery stores. To help you on your journey,...

App Updates -
Using The Shopping List to Now Find the products that are right for YOU!

Adding Products to Your Shopping List

The Now Find Family of Apps is all about finding the foods that are right for you, so it is only natural...

dairy and gluten intolerances
Dairy Free Resources -
The Link Between Dairy and Gluten Intolerances

The gluten free diet trend has been on the rise in recent years, with celebrities and other fad dieters raving about the benefits, but few know the benefits of a...

Dairy Free Resources -
The Teal Pumpkin Project for Hallowe’en

Hallowe’en is right around the corner. Please don’t forget those trick or treaters who have food allergies. It’s easy to participate in The Teal Pumpkin Project: simply...

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